The origin of this town is ancient and the first documents that speak of it date back to the year 1000. The toponym is attested for the first time in 1238 and derives from the Latin saxum, “rock”, for which Sassetta is the “small rock” “. Sassetta was a castle of some importance, which around the eleventh century was held in the Signoria of Pisa by the Orlandi family who subsequently took their name from this land.


The land and the castle of Sassetta uninterruptedly followed the historical events first of the Medicean House, then of that of the Lorraine. For those who love art it is possible to admire, in the ancient Church of Sant’Andrea Apostolo a Romanesque baptismal font bearing the Orlandi della Sassetta coat of arms, a Madonna on a table, of considerable artistic value, by an unknown author of the 400, and a very rare cross in Rock Crystal of the century. XV