The request for availability is not binding and does not act as a contract neither for the client nor for the Camping Casa di Caccia. The booking request represents an order form and therefore binding for the client but not binding for the Camping Casa di Caccia, on whose part remains free not to accept the booking. The booking confirmation of the Camping Casa di Caccia sent to the client is binding for both parties and establishes the drawing up of the booking contract with options. In the event that a deposit is requested or credit card details, the client must send these within the indicated time period from the direction of the campsite in order that the options are cleared and the booking is definitely confirmed. To this point, the Camping Casa di Caccia promises to send the client a confirmation letter and resume voucher which the client is obliged to submit to the Check-in 
 All reservations must be confirmed by fax or e-mail accepting the cancellation conditions of the structure. This Regulation shall be exposed to the campsite, the entrance is so full acceptance of it.


Booking and payment. The reservation becomes binding for our structure only upon receipt of proof of payment of the advance 
 on time (30% of the total cost of your stay to mobile homes; € 100.00 per week booked in addition to € 31.00 (from 01/07 to 08/31) fixed costs of booking for pitches). The reservations of the mobile homes are made from Saturday to Saturday or from Sunday to Sunday, for a minimum of two weeks during mid and high season. During low season we accept reservations less than a week (minimum two nights). Pitches can be booked from Saturday to Saturday for a minimum of two weeks during mid and high season. Late payments will not guarantee the booking confirmation.

Balance For mobile homes the balance is always performed on the day of arrival. Any EXTRA such as linen, guests, etc.. must be paid the day before departure.

For the pitches the balance is to be made the day before departure by 18:00.

 The campers are required to hand over their identity documents for registration. Minors are admitted if accompanied by parents or relatives maggiorenni.Gli guests are required to wear identification bracelet, which will be delivered upon arrival.

Arrival time 
 For pitches reservation is from 10.00 to 13.00 and from 15.00 to 20.00. The arrival of mobile homes and caravans rental is from 16.00 to 20.00.

Deposit for mobile homes 
 Upon arrival must be deposited € 100.00 deposit for the mobile homes. This amount will be refunded upon departure after checking the integrity of the property and its contents on the part of the staff.

 The day of departure pitches must be vacated by 10.00. After that time will be charged an extra day.

Check out mobile home 
 The accommodation must be vacated by 10.00 am duly in order (otherwise will be charged 35.00 Euro for cleaning). After 10.00 will be charged an additional day of stay

Fixed presence 
 In the period from June 1 to August 31 for the occupation of a pitch is applied to the minimum daily to the cost of two adults plus the cost of the pitch.

Changes in the presence 
 The guest is obliged to point out every Its absence from the campsite. Failure to comply with this provision will result in the forfeiture by the exemption of the payment for the period of absence.

 The management reserves the right to allow the entry of daily visitors and guests, if the visit lasts more than 1 hour they will be required to pay the daily rate shown. Guests have access to Camping after leaving an identification document.

Hours of rest 
 From 13.00 to 15.00 and from 23.30 to 07.00 is strictly prohibited noises that may disturb the rest. And ‘forbidden, therefore, during those hours, to form noisy groups, to use the playground, and circulate with motor vehicles.

Washing dishes and clothes 
 The crockery and linen should be washed in the appropriate sinks. It is forbidden to wash the dishes during the hours of rest from 13.00 to 15.00 and after 23.00.

Assigning pitch 
 The pitch is assigned by the management, which, according to the situation may want to consider the request. Are prohibited movement not authorized. It is forbidden to erect structures incidental to the main, if not authorized by the management.

car is not allowed to use cars and motorbikes, except to enter and leave the campsite, the times of entry of vehicles are shown at the entrance of the campsite. Cars must be parked at your campsite and never in free pitches. The speed of the vehicle should be as short as possible. A no visitor is allowed to enter by car into the campsite. The coupon that is delivered upon arrival must be affixed to the windscreen of the car to help control the entrance to the campsite. It is not allowed to wash cars and caravans inside the campsite. The management is not responsible for damage caused by third parties caravan / car / camper guests of the campsite.

 It is strictly forbidden to damage plants and equipment. It is also forbidden any fence or boundary of the assigned pitch. Cards and waste must be deposited in the special containers.

 It is forbidden for dogs are not allowed from 17/05 to 13/09. It is forbidden to light fires. The Board may allow the use of small gas grill only.

Personal items 
 Each camper is required to keep the objects of his property. The Management assumes no responsibility in case of loss or removal of goods.

beach On the beach is forbidden to light fires, deposit boats, canoes, carts without prior written consent of the Management. These prohibitions are also provided in the current regulation of the Harbour Authority. The gate of the beach is closed from 23.00 hours to 07.00 hours.

 For mobile homes the laundry is charged to the customer but can be rented on request. The set includes sheets, pillowcases, towels, face towels and bath towels. The linen is carried out only on request (subject to availability) at the same cost.

Safeguard clause 
 The Management reserves the right to change the number of units or the pitch at any time it deems appropriate, respecting the typological characteristics of the unit / pitch booked.

Booking cancellation: In case of cancellation up to two weeks before the date of arrival will be trattentuto 50% of the amount paid after that date will not be refunded any amount.

Late arrival or early departure with reservation: will have to be paid the full amount of the booked stay.

The entrance to the camping involves the acceptance and compliance with this Regulation, which can be integrated, in part, by additional rules that the Management deems appropriate to issue for its better functioning. The camp staff is authorized to enforce it and to report to the Department any violation. The defaulters will be immediately expelled from the campsite