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Environmental Policy

csq eco politiche ambientali

The Camping Casa di Caccia, in order to take the path of continuous improvement, has felt the need to adopt an environmental management system related to the UNI EN ISO 14001:2004.

Environmental Policy Camping Casa di Caccia

"Camping Casa di Caccia", located on the Etruscan Coast in the town of Bibbona, overlooking the sea and is surrounded by pine forest owned.
The Hotel Accommodation is surrounded by nature and has made the environment their mission.
This Environmental Policy is the commitment to "Camping Casa di Caccia" to the environment having the form:

Prevention: Structure engages in 'identifying activities that generate significant environmental impacts, plan their treatment to eliminate, or where this is not possible, reduce pollution arising from those activities.
Compliance with Laws: The Public is committed to comply with the legislative requirements set out in the legislation, as well as those in any commitments entered into by the property itself.
Programming: Structure is committed to identify the environmental objectives for improvement in the management of significant aspects.
Control: Structure is committed to periodically check and in a systematic way their activities with significant environmental impact.
Technical and economic possibilities: the structure is committed to continuous improvement of its performance with the use of best available technology, provided that appropriate and economically feasible.
Communication: The Structure is committed to improve communication, transparency and awareness for staff, customers and local communities on environment for collaboration and strengthen confidence in the services offered.

The Structure certified UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 since 2007, confirms its commitment to provide the resources, training and support to achieve the objectives and pursue the continuous improvement of business performance in the environmental field in detail the commitment the structure is aimed at improving the management of natural resources.

"Camping Casa di Caccia" is committed to raising awareness and keep controls where possible suppliers with environmental critics.
The Structure is committed to take the help of internal staff (employees) and external (suppliers) for the proper functioning of the Environmental Management System, complying with the guidelines laid down by the Directorate; customers are also required attention to their behavior that may generate environmental impacts and affect the use of natural resources.

In addition, the structure must undertake to review in advance, as far as possible, the environmental effects arising from new activities and changes in management in general, as well as taking all necessary measures to prevent the waste of materials and energy.